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Music On Hold

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Why buy equipment from Belnap and Company?

Three major reasons make us the obvious choice for customers buying the equipment.
1. Superior Customer Service and Support.
We take time with every customer to find you what you need, not just what we want to sell.

2. Wide Selection and Expertise on compatibility with phones and phone systems.
Not only do we offer the widest selection of equipment, we also have the expertise in custom fitting the best equipment for your regular phones or phone systems.

3. Price.
How can we offer the best prices on new and used equipment? Simple, we also sale the new and used equipment at TRUE wholesale prices to dealers, in United States, Canada and Australia. If you are interested in becoming a dealer click here.

At Belnap & Company, the customer's needs come first so if you're not sure which of these are best for you call us at 888-552-8433 or contact us via email.

Digital On Hold Players - Click on the image for more information on each product.
BelnapMOH DP700-1
Smart Media Digital Player

Belnap Corporation introduces an affordable, easy-to-use, maintenance-free, digital device that uses a thumb drive for memory. With the push of a button you can switch between up to 99 tracks. The thumb drive and .wav or .mp3 compatability make on-site programming easy and allow you to store up to 70 hours of music and messages with 1 gig memory card. It is compatible with every PBX phone systems with MOH input. It comes in white.

Only $349

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The USB 1100 is a digital message unit designed for continuous audio playback. Audio is stored on a removable USB Flash drive and plugged into the USB hub on the unit. The loading of the audio is easily done by "dragging and dropping" mp3 file(s) without the use of special software. Audio files can now be emailed to clients without the need to mail or ship physical media.

Only $399.95

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OHP 7000
Just drop in a single-track CD, close the lid -- the OHP 7000 spins up the disc and records it into digital flash memory ...playback begins immediately. Want to record tracks individually? You can do that, too. The OHP 7000 comes with 173 minutes (sampled at 98kbps) recording capacity. Want more time? Simply insert a SD card to give you up to 70 hours of content. Includes our free General Production. Plug into MOH port or adaptor. Simple to Use!

OHP-7000 Packages
includes 1 Customized General Courtesy Production

1 GC Custom production - Only $349.95

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OHP 6000
Revolutionary digital music-on-hold playback system supports MP3 and WMA audio formats. The unit has 16mb of on board memory preloaded with over 57 minutes of great sounding licensed music content, so it’s ready to go right out of the box. Add new content to the player by connecting to a PC via the USB port or just slip in a Secure Digital Card with new content.
By adding a SD Card you can increase the memory to 128mb and over 9 hours of content!

OHP-6000 Packages
includes 1GC Custom Production

Only $229.95

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Sound Brick Models

Music On Hold and Storecasting Systems
The SoundBrick Models are solid-state digital audio recording and playback devices designed to inject voice messages over a separate continuous background music (BGM) feed. It is most widely used for in-store broadcasting to provide a store's public address (PA) system with a continuous feed of music, interrupted with voice messages as a selected time interval, for example, every five minutes.

Voice messages load into the Sound Brick's digital memory automatically from your pre-recorded cassette tape. Messages can also be recorded live in the store using the optional telephone-style handset, providing store personnel the ability to record custom messages whenever needed.

The SoundBrick Series offers great flexibility in how and when messages are played. Most commonly, messages are set to play on a timed basis, with a delay ranging from 10 seconds to 30 minutes between each one. On-demand play is available from the SoundBrick's keyboard. In addition, message play can be remotely activated by connecting devices such as buttons, switches, or motion sensors to the optional trigger cables.

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This page shows only a small amount of the products that we offer. We offer around 40 different models of music on hold equipment which we can custom fit to for your needs first.



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