Audio / Video Productions

Since 1991, Belnap and Company has been providing high quality audio and video productions for businesses around the World. We pride ourselves in practical and effective productions without the absorbent prices normally associated with our services. We use high quality equipment for shooting, editing, and duplicating our productions.

Audio Productions
Consistent with our overall service outlook, we consult with you and allow you to be involved in every step of the production process so you get what you need. We take the time to learn about your business and work with you to create an effective, custom script.

Our voice talents are all professionals respected nationwide. You can choose from various male or female voices. You can even have alternation male and female voices in your production. We even have bilingual talent for Spanish-language markets.
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The music we use come from several royalty-free libraries which we also sell to other production companies. If you need custom music produced, we will help in that process, too.
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Video Productions
In the past we have created a broad range of productions including Training/Instructional Videos, Television Commercials, and Corporate Events. We have professional scriptwriters and copywriters work with your staff to ensure an original and effective production.

We also convert video between various formats--such as converting PAL to NTSC--and we can convert video to specialized formats for Internet Downloads like Real Video and Quicktime Movies.
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